Sync Synopsis with External Folder?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get synopses synced with an external folder. I am trying to write on the go with my Pixel. I got External Sync / Dropbox / Jotterpad all set up. But when I open my External Folder on Jotterpad, I just see scene numbers. Each has a synopsis, but I can’t see the synopsis, so I don’t know what to write for each scene on the go.

Would also be great if the external folder had subfolders for each grouping you make in Scrivener. I am writing a video game with 30 missions, each of which has 30-ish events. So when I go to the external folder on Jotterpad, I need to scroll through 900 items to find the one I’m looking to work on (which I also can’t see the synopsis for).

Android app would solve this but in the meantime, External Folder Sync would be fine if for a few tweaks…