Sync to Chromebook Using Sync to External Folder - Advice?

Before I mess things up all by myself I thought I’d ask for thoughts about what I want to do.

I will be doing some travel with a Chromebook that of course does not have the ability to run Scrivener.

Years ago I used to sync Scrivener using Sync To External Folder through Dropbox when working on an Android machine. Since then I have been using the iOS version on a Mini (brilliant software BTW) and I have not used external folder sync on either my Windows or Mac machines. Accordingly, I have forgotten whether there are any pitfalls.I do remember that I should not mess with filenames using this procedure

Will this still work?

Sync from Mac to a folder on Dropbox as TXT.

Import onto Chromebook and then save the changes back to the original Dropbox folder and filename

Then, Import the changed file to Scrivener 3 on the Mac.

AFAIK your workflow should be fine. One pitfall I found is that iOS sync and folder sync don’t play well together—avoid using iOS Scrivener and you should be fine.

EDIT: The step back to the Mac would be external folder sync rather than import.

Thank you very much. That is exactly what I needed to know, especially the use of Folder Sync instead of Import.

Thanks again

I use AndrOpen Office on Chromebook with Dropbox to access RTFs created by Scrivener on my Mac via the Sync to External Folder action. It is 100% functional and, rather than using plain text, the RTFs retain my markup between Scrivener (on the Mac) and AndrOpen Office (on the Chromebook).