Sync to Dropbox (and a formatting question)

Hi and thanks for the new version!

I’m wondering if there’s a way to auto sync my manuscript to my Plaintext folder in DropBox? I’ve had a look (okay, a browse) through the online manual, but didn’t see anything.

Also (I know I should put this in a separate thread), but is there an easy way to get the styles I created in my manuscript’s 1.x version into my 2.0 version?

Thanks all,


Use File > Sync > with External Folder to sync with PlainText. We even have a video showing how to do so on our Videos page, so check that out.

Not sure what you mean about styles, but if you mean the ones in the “Styles” menu of the old ruler, then no, sorry.


Bob, easiest way to get styles upgraded to the new preset system is to create a style sample document in 1.x or TextEdit. Just create a paragraph for each style, and then apply the styles to each paragraph. Import this file into 2.0, and go through each line using Format/Formatting/New Preset from Selection.