Sync to Dropbox issue

A recent glitch in my iMac has caused me to re-customise most of my apps.

As I understand, to sync a project to Dropbox, all that’s needed is to choose the Scrivener folder in the parent Apps folder in Dropbox - which is what I’ve been using successfully before the glitch.

Now when I choose that Scrivener folder, after the sync is completed I’m getting a message per the attached. I don’t remember seeing that before. Is it my memory or am I not syncing correctly?

Why are you using “sync with external folder”?
To sync via Dropbox you only Save the project in a Dropbox folder and then point Scriv on your iDevice to look into that folder for syncing.

I don’t know why I’m using it either! I have got into a muddle.

As I understand, all I need do is keep/save the project file in Dropbox>Apps>Scrivener - and back-up to another folder on my iMac.

I think where I’ve gone wrong is in the sync with external folder settings. I have selected ‘check external folder on project open and automatically sync on close’.

Assuming that’s correct, thank you for your help.

Yep, just remove the Sync with external folders settings and you’ll be fine