Sync to External Folder Google Docs Not Working

I am trying to use the sync to external folder feature so that I can edit my manuscript using a chromebook and Google Docs. I set up a Google Drive folder on my desktop and created a fresh “Sync” folder. Scrivener synced to the folder just fine and I was able to open the RTF documents in Google Docs and edit. However, upon reopening Scrivener, it did not recognize any of the updates (even when syncing manually).

It appears that the documents I edited through Google Docs were saved in a new folder called “Trashed Files.”

I created a test document in Scrivener - "17 Super Sync Test -47-.rtf, synced, and shut down Scrivener. I went to Google Docs and edited the file and closed Google Docs. It stored the file in the right folder on G Drive but with a .gdoc extension, essentially making a different file. But it was in Notes folder where it should be. But when I opened Scrivener and synced, it placed the file into a “Trashed Files” folder with no prompt or anything.

What am I doing wrong here?

Google is automatically converting the .rtf files to its own .gdocs format, which Scrivener doesn’t know how to read. Then, when Scrivener looks for the .rtf file, it is gone, which Scrivener interprets to mean that it was trashed.

You’ll need to either figure out how to make Google re-convert back to .rtf, or use a native .rtf editor instead.


Aha, makes sense. Thank you, Katherine. I suppose I could save the google doc as RTF in the folder once I am done editing and before I open Scrivener. Or maybe I will just look for a different text editor, as you suggest. I’m not hung up on using Google Docs. Thanks again for the clarification!