Sync to folders and subfolders in Finder


I am enjoying using Scrivener 2 and in particular the new Sync feature. Thanks for all the work on this. I am interested in using the external sync folders to sync research documents between Scrivener and DEVONthink, but this would only be possible if subfolders could be synced back to Scrivener. As I understand it the ‘Draft’ and ‘Notes’ folder in the external sync folder can only have a flat structure, i.e. no subfolders.

Would it be possible to add the functionality for syncing subfolders?



No, I’m afraid not. It would be unfeasible to sync a Finder-based folder structure with the structure of a Scrivener document without causing a lot of problems (text documents only being allowed in the Draft folder, folders being both text documents and folders in Scrivener, the fact that the Finder cannot maintain an arbitrary order, and so on). The folder sync is intended only as a way of syncing various text documents with external applications; it is not and will not be intended to sync folder structure.

Glad you’re enjoying Scrivener 2.0!

All the best,

Ah, OK, thanks Keith for letting me know. It’s good to know where the limits are, so I can plan accordingly. I will now update my post on integration with DEVONthink.