Sync to Multiple Folders

This is one for 4.0, but the more I think about it the cooler it gets, so I just have to throw it out there.

I’d like a way to set up a project to sync with multiple external folders. Scenario: I’m working with a co-author and have a set of collaborative documents (grouped in a collection) that we want to keep in sync via a shared folder. Meanwhile, I have some other drafts that I’m working on myself which aren’t ready to be shared yet, but I want to be able to access them when I’m away from Scrivener so I can work on them in another word processor or on the iPad (imagine for a sec that I have an iPad). I’d like to be able to keep those in a separate “private docs” collection and sync them with a separate external folder which only I have access to.

It’s possible but complicated to do this now, since it requires switching the external folder and the collection each time, and since the project only recognizes one external folder at a time, the notice about changes in the external folder will only apply to whichever folder was last used. So some way to streamline this by remembering settings for different synced folders and allowing them to be simultaneously enabled would be amazing.

It’d probably also be quite difficult, so I’m not holding my breath or anything. It just seems like such a neat idea in my head. Even more fantastic would be a way for the different synced folders to have a menu item so that I could map a shortcut key to each of them. But maybe now I’m just getting demanding. :wink:

4.0 indeed (post-Scrivener-consciousness). :slight_smile:

Granted I’m headless, and I really don’t use the “folder sync”, but isn’t it project specific? I just checked and it sure looks that way.

Why not use separate projects?

Again, headless.

Exactly! A sheep can dream of writing androids…

Yeah, that’s how I’m going about it now, but it’s not quite as elegant, and it being the season for wishful thinking, I figured I might as well toss the idea out there so it can wiggle around obnoxiously in Keith’s brain until he is driven to implement it. :wink: In all seriousness, the two-project route isn’t awful and I think it could be better or worse depending on the specific project being thus divided. My two main reasons for wanting to use just one are 1) split editor and 2) that I have an obsessive need to not have my stuff scattered about.

With this particular project, I have a lot of reference material that I’ll need for both the shared and private collection of draft documents, which means either I do all the work in one project and then drag out the private collection to a separate project to sync or duplicate all the reference material to each project. The first is doable but at that point why bother with the sync, really; might as well just zip the project and unpack it elsewhere to hack straight into the rtfs. (Theoretically I suppose that could be an argument in any case; it just seems that having to do the drag and drop and resync “new” files each time–because they’ll get new IDs in the drag and drop–isn’t really any easier.) The second is my preferred, but runs into the problem of making sure I keep any edited references up to date in each project, and if I don’t entirely duplicate the project–so that I have the collaborative documents also in the “private” project, just not set up to sync there–then I lose any cross-referencing with those, too. So ultimately I’m working with two projects that are meant to be the same and I have to make sure I’m manually keeping both in sync. Again, doable, but it lead me to imagine a world wherein I could just have the two separate sync selections in one project.

Ok, here’s a different thought: project “nesting”

Project A is shared and synced to folder 1
Project B is not shared and synced to folder 2.
Project X is comprised of project A and project B.

KB, does that make you want to cry?