Sync two macs?

Sorry if this has been answered, but I’m utterly confused.

I get that one can sync Mac to iOS device (using it fine), but is it possible to sync my two macs safely with Scrivener3?!?

And if yes: how to set it up? If it’s not recommended (I think I remember someone being told it’s a recipe for disaster), how do people working at different sites do it?

Zip the project and put it into Dropbox - then manually copy it from there and unzip it again?

I actually thought about designing a Keyboard Maestro workflow to zip the current Scrivener file/ folder and put it onto dropbox when I’m about to leave… Then, when on the other machine hit another Keyboard Maestro command and select the dropbox based zip file I want and place it into my workspace for further editing… Hm…


Perfectly safe. The point is not to try to have it open on your two Macs at the same time and also to give Dropbox time to complete its sync’ing routines, both upload and download, before trying to open the project on the other machine. Many of us have been doing this for years without problem.

There is also an advisory on the support pages about using cloud storage for this, and a looong thread pinned at the top of this forum, I believe.

HTH :slight_smile:


Thanks Mark.

I’m a bit embarrassed that I missed this huge pinned thread at the top!!! :neutral_face:
I knew I read about it before…

Also if there are moderators in here: feel free to kill this thread :unamused:


Mark’s right, it’s perfectly safe to use Dropbox.

What a lot of us do is this:

Keep the Scrivener project file in Dropbox. Work on it there on the desktop, remember to close it when you stop.

When you’re next on the laptop work on the same file in Dropbox – it will tell you if you left it open on the desktop (and in V3 at least, give you the option of copying and working on the copy just in case). Don’t forget to close the project afterwards…

Rinse and repeat.

For backups on both computers: set your zipped backup location to the same place on your iCloud Drive – so they’re also available everywhere. Set the backups to add the time stamp and not to delete.

And don’t forget Time Machine…

So you have the latest working copy in three places (desktop, laptop, cloud)

Zipped Backups in 3 three places (ditto)

Two Time Machine backup of the lot.

Three times a day, I also chisel the latest version of the novel onto stone and bury it in the back garden, but some people think that’s overkill…

I used to use ChronoSync to keep my computers in sync with an external USB drive which worked well except when I forgot to sync or bring the drive… For the last 3-4 years I’ve had everything current in Dropbox (including Scrivener projects) with zero problems. As long as you are working in an environment with internet connections & wait for it to sync, it works fine.