Sync using encrypted sparsebundle on Dropbox?

I’ve been using Scrivener for Mac for a while. I created an encrypted sparsebundle (with disk utility) to hold my project files, which I upload to Dropbox. Doubleclicking on that sparsebundle file prompts me for the password, and it then mounts it like a volume. That’s where my project files live.

I want to get Scrivener for iOS, but I’m wondering if it has any way to mount or otherwise access files inside an encrypted sparsebundle on Dropbox, so I can keep them in sync with my Mac. I know I could save them normally without encryption and do it that way, but then I have to give up the added security.

It’s been discussed before and the simple answer is “no, you can’t”. The iOS version has its own code for reading and writing from/to the Dropbox server, and if the file is encrypted in some way it won’t work.

Note that Apple’s own encryption is pretty robust. So one alternative would be to use the native encryption for both the Mac and the iOS device, and use iTunes to transfer data back and forth.


Thank you for the replies, lunk and Katherine.

Katherine, I’m not sure I understand what you meant, because the encrypted sparsebundle was made with Apple’s own Disk Utility. While I’d do it that way if it were possible, I can manage without. I’m just a little paranoid about a project, not protecting state secrets. :smiley:

I mean you can use FileVault to protect the entire drive on the Mac, the native iOS encryption to protect the iDevice, and iTunes with a cable to transfer between. The data never leaves your personal control, never resides on an unencrypted device or a device for which someone else holds the keys, and you don’t need to figure out how to make iOS Scrivener sync an encrypted file.


Thanks - that makes sense to me now. :smiley: