Sync wit dropbox

After the upgrade I cannot get the Mac version to sync. It works flawlessly on iOS, but for whatever reason, if updated on the Mac, no cigar.

Yup, relevant files are all on apps scrivener on the Dropbox. They were created there on purpose last version. For whatever reason the Mac version does not see them, or when it opens one file, changes are not registered.

It is a weird problem, I admit.

I already installed and uninstalled the two iOS, and and reinstalled. Dreading having to do that on Mac, or just moving all documents around.

Nope, does not work, even after reinstall. I know the issue is with the computer end and not iOS. It will update from iOS across the two devices. Alas not on the computer. I even created a file on the computer and put it in there. Nada.

FOUND IT. Somehow I was not linked to Dropbox from my computer. How that happened, I have no idea.

Regardless, found it. Now I can start rewriting that bloody mess of a text I have… and I mean from draft zero, Good news, after I compiled and started editing… found just how repetitive that was. But the research is in the scriv file.

So if you are having issues. make sure you are signed onto your dropbox like everywhere.


And yes, doing a tad of this as well :blush: