sync with app?

Hi, my dropbox is always full and I’m too cheap to pay for more storage. Might I be able to sync to my box folder on mac? It works like dropbox. - 50GB for free(!)

Sorry, I don’t know anything about’s reliability, so can’t comment on it directly. Perhaps someone else here will have tried it with Scrivener. (You can try any cloud service you like, with the understanding that an incomplete sync will likely trash your project.)

DropBox has been very solid for syncing Scrivener. My suggestion is to continue using DropBox by freeing up space. What about moving some of your non-Scrivener files from DropBox to :slight_smile:

I have used Box with Scrivener in the past and it worked fine. However this was with a simple project so maybe I was fortunate. It might be worth checking with Box support as I vaguely recall they made a point some time ago about their support for Mac package files, so it could be they are now reliable. BTW I don’t know where you get 50Gb free from, since AFAIK their personal plans have always been10Gb combined with a single file size limit of (I think) 25Mb.

What I do currently is to use DropBox for syncing live Scriv projects with Box (or Sync) for backups. All my live work is done solely with DropBox which has proved 100% reliable with no problems.

Sync (5Gb free), is zero knowledge end-to-end encrypted but support said they don’t recommend using it with Scriv. Compared to the others it always seems a tad slow but if absolute security is your thing it might be worth a try, but only for backups.

This appeared on the DEVONthink forums not that long ago:

It is not a resounding recommendation.

I use Sync all the time with Scrivener projects, both v. 3 and v. 2. Dropbox is blocked in China, so my collaborator and I have used Sync since the demise of Cubby. I also spread my other projects between Sync, Dropbox and my main HD, with all backups going to iCloud. I think Sync is a bit slower than Dropbox and needs more care, but has otherwise worked well.

Scriv 3 is useful as it flags up conflicts when you open a project.



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Thanks everyone. Perhaps you’re right and I’ll move other stuff. Sigh.

And I don’t know how I got 50GB on Box, maybe because I was an early adopter, I’ve had it for a while now.

Before I got into using Sync - your suggestion I recall - I did check with their support people who put me off using it for live projects. Sending zipped backup files doesn’t appear to cause problems. As for Box it’s not given me any problems so far, but I don’t use it for live projects.

DropBox has always been the fastest and most reliable of the sync services.

Instead of being a cheapskate and using all of them for their free tier, it might be easierr to just pony up some money :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve got 50GB on Box as well. IIRC they had a special where if you signed up and downloaded the iOS app as well (or something like that) then you got 50 instead of the normal 5 GB.

That said, I’m afraid I’ve never actually used it for Scriv projects so I can’t be of much help there. They say Box Sync supports Mac package files, but not Box Drive or the web app.

As an addendum: I’m assuming that Alden the original poster realises that for iOS/macOS sync only Dropbox is currently suitable.

Hi, Box does now have an iOS app and a Beta version Mac desktop app. I’ve used it successfully to sync lots of files and freed up a lot of Dropbox space.
BUT, the article above that mbbntu linked to points out Box users having trouble with certain kinds of syncing, esp certain kinds of files. And I currently can’t even save or drag a .scriv file into Box at all. It just gives me an error and rejects it.
So to conclude, it ain’t gonna work.

For us—Shirley in China and me—it’s not a cheapskate issue, rather Dropbox being blocked in China, though payment from China is an issue. Also, when Cubby became impossible because of changes in their service, I got in touch with Box who told me that they were not making their desktop interface available behind the Great Firewall of China, so Box was not a goer for us.

We’re still using Sync, and, as I say, I use it for other live projects that I need to have accessible on other computers as I need space on my Dropbox for sharing other files with family and friends over here. In Dropbox, I keep only those projects that I might occasionally want to access on my iPad, though that doesn’t happen very often.

Sync is working well.


Sorry if you thought I was suggesting you were a cheapskate as that wasn’t my intention at all. It’s me being a cheapskate since I use all three services on their free tier rather than put up the money to use any one of them to its full extent. :smiley:

I didn’t use Sync for live projects based on what Sync support told me which was that they don’t currently recommend it for use with apps such as Scriv, which depend on package dissection. If you’ve found it works and is reliable I might give it a try, but there’s still the problem that only DropBox will work with the IOS version.

I am looking to collaborate on a book with my business partner. We use BOX DRIVE (instead of BOX SYNC) for all of our file sharing.

So if we wanted to SHARE a Scrivener project using BOX DRIVE it won’t work?

Should we use DROPBOX instead?