Sync with Dropbox hangs

I have Scrivener to Sync to export my PhD draft thesis to PlainText so I can edit and type up sections when away from the Mac.

For some reason it gets to ‘page’ 64 of the documents and then it hangs. The only way I can exit it is to ‘Force Quit’ through the Apple Menu.

First question, how do I identify which is ‘page 64’ in Scrivener? I can go to 064 XXXX.txt file in the Plaintext Folder in Dropbox but there doesn’t appear to be anything untoward. If I delete it, then it still hangs which makes me think that isn’t ‘page 64’!

Second question, any idea what might be causing the hang?



Are you using any images in the text content area for your project? This sounds to me like the sort of problem that can occur if a graphic file is mildly corrupted enough to disturbing the processing of it (a more severe corruption might crash Scrivener entirely when you do so much as load the file with that resource). That may help narrow down your search, but what I do whenever I have a computer problem involving hundreds of things where I don’t know where that thing is, is to divide and conquer. With Scrivener, I would follow this procedure:

  1. First, create a duplicate of your project so you don’t have to keep force-quitting on your main WIP.
  2. Create a collection (I’ll refer to it as “A”) and put everything into that collection that ordinarily syncs. Remember that you can use Opt-drag to add all child items to a collection. If for example you just sync your draft, opt-drag the contents of the Draft folder (not the Draft folder itself, as that itself cannot be added) to the collection.
  3. Scroll down about half-way and select everything from that point to the top of the list. Click the [b]+[/b] button to make a new collection with your current selection (calling it “B”).
  4. Return to “A” and delete the select items from it. You should now have two collections, each with half of your sync schedule in them.

At this point you should create a sync folder using the “Sync only documents in collection:” option with A and B. Most likely only one of these will crash. Simply repeat this, with the narrowed-down list, cutting it in halves until you have the file that is crashing things. If for example B is the one that crashed, then remove the contents of the A list and copy half of the B list into the now empty A, removing them from the B list after doing so. Rinse and repeat.

Once you find it, the best thing to do is usually to just reset the formatting in the file by creating a new document and then using Paste and Match Style to paste just the text content in. I would try syncing with that first, to see if it is a Unicode problem (which will survive a plain-text paste, naturally). If it works, then go through and clean up the formatting if necessary and you should be good to go.