Sync with Dropbox - symlinks?

Hi Forum,

This is my first post on this forum. I’m a newbie on Scrivener, given my first steps… (I guess that in future I’ll have more doubts to put in this forum :blush: ).
For now, this is my doubt:

  • To sync Scrivener projects between macOS and iOS (via Dropbox) can I use symlinks from other mac folder to dropbox folder? Any disadvantages or problems with symlinks on Dropbox?


Creating a symbolic link at the command line works fine in my experience, just so long as you don’t move the project. When creating the link, you’ll see that the project is a folder that ends with a .scriv extension. Create your symlink to that folder, and not to any of its contents.

You can create the link in a Dropbox folder, or you can move the project itself in Dropbox and create the symlink elsewhere on your hard drive, whichever makes the most sense to you.

Thanks rdale

I did this question for two reasons:
1 - considering previous projects on mac;
2- move them to other folder will break some used “document links” between mac apps - links like this > x-scrivener-item:///Users/username/filepath

My idea is create a symlink inside Dropbox to the folder on hard drive where the scrivener projects are placed (not to the .scriv folder).

I used symlinks for quite some time, to be able to edit files on my iPad which I share with collaborators in China, where Dropbox is blocked but Cubby is not.

You might like to look at this thread:


Thanks Mark for the warning (in my case things are more simple)

By the way, I create the symlinks with the app MacDropAny.

OK. Good luck, but you might periodically right-click your .scriv and choose to show the package contents to check for conflicted files.

I don’t know MacDropAny; I used terminal and enter

ln -s 

then drag in the .scriv followed by a space and the drag in the folder where I want the link to be put. Sounds complicated, but is in fact dead easy.



Thanks for the tip.