Sync with dropbox

I was looking the videos of tutorial and not saw a way to sync with dropbox , so easy like in mac. Not have some hided option that do it easily? Thanx.


P.S:If not , how can i sync just the drafts of my projects with the cloud?

Hmm, it should really be fundamentally similar on Windows, as Dropbox works the same way as on a Mac, by creating a folder on your disk that you can store files in, like Scrivener projects. Perhaps you need to install Dropbox on the PC if that folder isn’t present?

Not automatically as of yet, though if you are familiar with the Mac version you may have encountered an “External Folder Sync” tool. That’s just a folder with some files in it, but you can put it anyway, such as within the Dropbox folder, to make it a “cloud” thing.

For now though you’d just export your Draft files en masse using the File/Export/Files… command. Later you would copy and paste the contents of the modified files back in.

re: cloud sync’ing, I just discovered this really helpful article on Lit&Lat’s site:
Very sound advice.
Dropbox and Cubby apparently work very well (with caveats covered in above). SugarSync does not and Google Drive :smiling_imp: definitely does not play nice.
Here’s a referral link to Dropbox:
You can get a free trial account (2Gig) which is more than enough to test it out and try it with Scrivener.
Hope this helps.