Sync with external file suddenly missing designated folder

Typically, I will occasionally sync my work to my Dropbox folder while working in Scrivener. I tried it recently, and the Shared Folder pop window came up and asked for information to complete the syncing. Lost among the required information is the folder to sync scrivener project (…it had been the Dropbox folder).

Normally, I would normally re-input the Dropbox for the shared folder on my HD and move on. However, I noticed when I exit, Scrivener (as expected) saves and syncs files to my Dropbox,

How can I no longer sync manually to Dropbox (…and the Shared Folder pop-up window shows no sync folder)? But, Scrivener will sync to Dropbox on closing.

If I again designate the Dropbox folder for syncing manually, will this cause a potential problem? This especially concerns me since Scrivener syncs on exit…but, will not sync manually by using Sync > with External Folder unless I designate the Dropbox folder - again.

I don’t have warm fuzzies about how Scrivener’s Syncing works when it suddenly looses/drops the external folder for manual syncing.

I tried to understand your post, without success. Some vital information is probably missing.

Are you using more than one PC to access your Dropbox account?
What folder do you refer to when you say “shared folder”?
What do you mean with Scrivener “syncs files to my Dropbox”?

There are two ways to sync. One, you can manually sync from the File drop down menu - Sync>with External Folder. Two, exit and the Sync will occur automatically. I can no longer manually sync. But, the project appears to sync automatically. [/i]

I am concerned that if I simply replace the External Folder with Dropbox, it might duplicate sync files or worse. Perhaps, I don’t quite understand how syncing works in Scrivener. And, the manual does a poor job of explaining how it works… especially when something like happen to me occurs. In fact, the manually specifically says the Dropbox folder “must be initially empty”… and, that is not possible when it is currently saving to the folder automatically but not manually.

“Sync to external folder” means that Scrivener saves a copy of the project in a different folder than the one where you have your project and as simple txt-files. When you set it up Scrivener expects you to point to an empty folder. All you have to do is to set up an empty sub-folder in your Dropbox folder.

Are you using the “sync to external folder” to access the project from an Android device, or why are you using it?

I use both Windows and iOS (Ipad Pro) for projects. Windows on my desktop. And, mobile writing on my Ipad Pro.

After reading the manual, it looks like Scrivener SAVES the project on EITHER Dropbox and/or to your HD. And, the “sync to folder” would be an ADDITIONAL copy IF you also SAVE to Dropbox and Sync to Dropbox folder.

Syncing is not saving. Although it can be IF you also save your project to Dropbox and your HD Dropbox folder . In which case, you end up with duplicate files saved to Dropbox - if you both Save to the HD with Dropbox set up as cloud backup and Sync to a Dropbox folder. You just need to make certain you sync the project to its own/original folder in the HD’s Dropbox folder.

It is confusing … to say the least.

It’s not the least confusing, but I think you are misunderstanding something.

Scrivener saves to your HD. Period.
If you have the Dropbox app installed it makes sure to upload and download (i.e sync) what you have in the Dropbox folder.
If you tell Scrivener to save the project in the Dropbox folder on your HD, the Dropbox app manages the rest.

That’s saving, and that’s done automatically by Scrivener every time you stop writing for a few seconds.
If you want to work on your project from your iPad, all you have to do is to tell iOS Scrivener where it should look for your project and then tell it to sync. iOS Scrivener reads and writes the normal Scrivener projects.

’Sync to external folder’ creates a copy of your project as txt-files, to enable Android users to open and edit the project from any text editor. Before iOS Scrivener, iPad owners had to do the same but not anymore now that we have iOS Scrivener.

Why are you using ’sync to external folder’? You still haven’t answered that question.

The sync file was being saved as a “last resort” back up in the event of (unexpected) catastrophic failure (corrupt file) of some sort. …something I experience with Scrivener some 4 plus years ago. …I only recently started to use it again.

Okay, but Scrivener automatically makes backups on project close, if you tell it so in Tools->Options, at least I think the Win version 1.9 does this in the same way that the Mac version has done from start, and it doesn’t even overwrite the older backups, unless you explicitly tell not to save older backups. Standard is to save the 5 latest backups.

Sync to external folder isn’t meant as a backup system.