Sync with External folder and preserve italics

I’ve been using Voice Dream Writer on my iPad to do some proofing of my Scrivener project. I’ve set up “Sync with External Folder” to use Plain Text, and this works quite well. The text I’ve marked with italics (cmd + i) in Scrivener makes the round trip intact. While in Voice Dream Writer the text appears as plain text (without any delimiters, such as asterisks), but when brought back into Scrivener, the italics magically re-appears. Bravo, Scrivener.

However, if I edit Scrivener-italicized text in Voice Dream Writer, when I round trip that text back in Scrivener, the italics have been removed.

My question: is there an automated (or automatable) way to add asterisks around the plain text when syncing out and swap back to Scrivener-italicized text when syncing in?

If not, does anyone have a workflow they follow that smooths out the rough edges of this process? I’d be happy if I found a way where I could use asterisks in Scrivener for 99% of my editing/revision and only convert to italicized text on compile.