sync with external folder as markdown

Is that possible?

I saw only RTF, txt and fountain.

I tried fountain, as I read on the internet it is a markup language similar to markdown, but some thing, f.i. links, inserted into scrivener are not rendered into the synced txt files.

I would prefer markdown to edit external files better, f.i. inserting links to external URL, formatting and so on.

Thank you.

The Plain-text option is what you want. Markdown files are just text files with a different file extension—and that is in fact why we provide a custom extension in the sync settings, when you choose plain-text. Because text can be just about anything—even RTF.

I use Markdown exclusively, and these are my sync settings:


Fountain is exclusively for writing screenplays. That aside, just to be clear, Markdown is a way of writing no matter where you write, and for the most part, Scrivener’s Markdown support is designed from the presumption that you write using Markdown, not that you use Scrivener as a Markdown-free hub from which everything around it uses Markdown. It is meant to be a full citizen in a Markdown workflow.

Approach it from that angle, and you’ll find less friction in its tools.

Thank you.

Fountain: understood.

Markdown. I changed extension as per your instructions but did not get teh results I expected, the formatting and content of the exported md file didn’t change.

Let me explain it a litte more.

Say I write a text snippet inside Scrivener with a word in bold (using Scrivener formatting buttons to put it in bold) and another word with an hyperlink under it (again, using Scrivener CMD+K to insert it).

I would expect the synced md corresponding text file to be the same BUT with markdown syntax, i.e. the first word surrounded iwth double asterisks and the second one with [square brackets](and brackets) but I end up with a simple text with no syntax at all.

I could write using markdown inside scrivener, i.e. double asterisks for bold and so on, that way the synced md text file would be ok, but the text is not rendered into Scrivener like bold, url and so on but you get to see the «source » syntax.

What did I got wrong?

Thank you.

Yes, what you are seeing is how it is expected to work. To say things a little differently, Scrivener is expecting you to write with Markdown in it, not to use bold. You can use bold if you want, but it does not do anything, it is more like a way of highlighting text for your own use.

It would be when you compile, if you use one of the “MultiMarkdown” file types at the bottom of the list. If you have Pandoc installed, you can also export to .docx and have all of your Markdown converted to formatting. But the built-in MultiMarkdown to OpenOffice is pretty good as well.

There is a checkbox for compiling formatting into Markdown syntax if you want, but this is easier to do than converting from Markdown. We would have to build an entire very high quality Markdown engine to do that properly—and that is what sync would need: both directions.