Sync with External Folder: losing bold and italics?

I’m experimenting with the external folder sync, but I’m having issues around preserving the bold and italics in my Scrivener documents. When I use the plain text txt file format, then some of the text forming is lost whenever I edit the synced document outside of Scrivener (in the dropbox app on my android phone). I tried using the rtf format, but then the dropbox app can’t edit the files.

Does anyone here edit their Scrivener projects from an android device? Or have any other idea around getting this to work with an android device without losing bold and italics?

I regularly edit on android using the external folder sync and the rtf option. Unfortunately there’s very few rtf editing apps available. (even MS Word won’t open rtf files). I eventually settled on the paid version of OfficeSuite.

I also use Pro-Writing-Aid in Windows to proof my work and do my editing using the rtf external folder sync. While Pro-Writing-Aid can edit a scrivener folder directly it isn’t recommended to do so by L&L, and I always have lost my position when I reopen in Scrivener (so it reopens the project at the top of the binder). There’s been no such problem with editing the rtf file, although PWA doesn’t show italics or bold.
Hope this helps.
Windows 10 & Android

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I’ll look into OfficeSuite, thank you for the suggestion.