Sync with external folder problem

Here’s what I’m trying to do… I use iA writer on my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro. iA writer creates a iCloud folder and I want to sync my Collection in Scrivener, named “iAwriter” with the existing iCloud folder but Scrivener won’t let me. :frowning:

How can I get this to work?


That’s saying that there are other directories inside the “Draft” and “Notes” folders, which isn’t supported. Presumably you have created some extra folders. You need to keep all of the text documents within the “Draft” and “Notes” folders, with no subdirectories.

Also, I note that you have not selected anything to sync. You have deselected “Sync the contents of the Draft folder” and “Sync all other documents”, which means that nothing will get synced. “Sync only documents in collection” just filters those options. (And there’s clearly a minor UI bug there, because if both those are deselected, then “Sync only documents in collection” should really be disabled - I’ll fix that.)

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Well now the docs are being sent to the folder, however this is the problem I’ve run into:

Now I went a step further and selected Scrivener to sync inside the “Documents” folder and “Draft” and “Notes” is created inside the “Documents” folder. Now the files show up on my iPad and iPhone, but I get an error saying the document can’t be opened (presumably because it’s in a sub folder and not the root “Documents” folder).

Is there a way just to sync the files and not the folders? Or will I have to figure a way to create a folder action or applescript? (both not my forte)

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the brain damage!!