Sync with External Folder

I downloaded a trial of the Windows version after watching the video about “Folder Sync” - syncing with Dropbox and editing on an iPad using a plain text editor. I was very excited about this feature.

However, now that I have the Windows version, I see that there is no “Sync to External Folder” option. And, the option to sync to Dropbox (ie. via back-up) saves the whole project and the text pieces as RTF, and not very well named. I suspect this is helpful when wanting to open a full project on another computer…

… but does not help me if I use my iPad to write using plain text and want to sync that into a Scrivener project.

Any suggestions? Is there something I’m missing?


Yes, that’s exactly what people use that ability for. Everything you need to work with that project is contained in the master “project name.scriv” folder, so making that available to a synchronisation service will give you full access to your work in progress on whatever machines are hooked up to that service.

The naming scheme works very well for what it is intended for.

But as you note, just as you wouldn’t edit a Scrivener project with anything other than Scrivener on your computer, you wouldn’t want to do that on your iPad, either! It’s best to just export the pieces you want (usually as .txt files since iPads don’t really have much by way of formatting text editing) using File/Export/Files.... Then when you get back you can copy and paste the changed files back into the project.