Sync with Fountain File


Love the Fountain support. Love that when you compile it uses the folder hierarchy as the outline… this is perfect, just what I was looking for… now I can work in Scrivener at home but when I’m on the go, I can easily see my outline.

Only problem is, if I want to make changes to the scrivener project ont he go… I have to Sync with a folder, then edit the text files in the draft folder… this can get annoying. I’d rather just have one file to work in that contains my outline.

You have the export nearly perfect (see my post in the bug forum) but what would make Scrivener hands down the best app to writer in fountain would be if you could sync with a Fountain file… do the same thing you do on export (Assume that the section syntax (#, ##, ###) are the hierarchy, the = are the card summaries and the text below that is the scene.

Hi Ty,

Sorry, this isn’t really possible, as it would mean trying to sync with the binder structure, which is technically difficult and could cause all sorts of problems, since it would be possible for both to be edited separately. It would also require the external Fountain file to contain lots of extra non-Fountain information, such as internal document IDs. For this sort of thing, it is best to wait for the iOS version. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,