Sync with iOS

Sorry, I’m sure you’ve had this question umpteen times, but I’ve read a few previous threads and nothing is solving this for me.

So I’m trying to sync my desktop iMac with iOS. I’ve followed every instruction - added the .scriv file to my Dropbox folder on the desktop, opened iOS app and hit sync, the progress bar shifts along, suggesting something’s happening - and my project fails to appear in the iOS DROPBOX window. I’m just left with the Tap “Edit” to drag projects etc text.

I’ve deleted and repeated several times, but nothing works.

Can someone help please?

  1. Scrivener iOS needs to be told where in your Dropbox directory to look for Scriv projects. In the main area of the ios app, tap Edit at the top of the left (projects) column, then at bottom tap the gear icon and pick Dropbox Settings. Make sure Scriv is pointed to the subfolder where you are actually placing the projects, or better yet move the projects in your Dropbox folder to the subfolder Scriv recommends. Scriv defaults to looking in the subfolder Dropbox / Apps / Scrivener.

  2. Are you new to Dropbox?

a) Are you sure that your scriv project is being synced to the Dropbox server? You could check this in a couple ways. You can go to the dropbox website and look at what files itshows to be in your dbx account. Or you could get the Dropbox ios app and look to see what it shows you is in your dropbox folders. Either of these is just a way to assure yourself that your scriv projects are actually getting synced to the dbx server in the first place. (Dropbox will show you lots of constuents files from inside your project rather than just showing yiu your project, so doing this check can be confusing.)

b) Sometimes people new to dropbox use circuitous means to try to get their scriv projects into dropbox, not realizing that the Dropbox app on their Mac has just “blessed” an ordinary folder on their mac and all they need to do is drag files like theur scrivener .scriv project file (using the Finder) into the dropbox folder (or subfolder thereof) and let it auto sync with the dropbox server.


Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated. I’m relatively tech-savvy and have used Dropbox a lot before, which is why this is so frustrating.

I open the Dropbox folder on my Mac and can see the .scriv file. I open the Dropbox app on my phone and can see the .scriv file. I’m pointing Scrivener to the correct folder and have followed all the instructions. When I sync on the phone, as I said, I can see the progress bar moving along, so it’s syncing something. But nothing appears in the Scrivener DROPBOX window, when the name of my project should. It’s just blank.

I must be missing something glaring, but I’ve no idea what it is!

Hang on! I’ve just noticed when I upload my Project to Dropbox, it’s zipping the files, so I’m trying to sync - which is why it isn’t working.

I’ve not seen any mention of .zip files anywhere, so why is this happening to me?

I can unzip the file in Dropbox, but then can’t see how to move that .scriv file back into the Scrivener folder. All I can see there is the original file.


**SORTED (for anyone else in the same zipped boat!)

Once I spotted the .zip thing I could google my precise quandary. And this post from some kind soul explains it:

rdale wrote:
There are three “dropboxes”, and I think there may be some assumptions/confusion regarding the difference. One is, the website; you can browse, upload, and download files and folder via that interface–this is NOT the way to set up syncing between the iOS version and a desktop version of Scrivener. Another “dropbox” is the program you download and install on your computer(s); on, click on your name/userid in the upper right of the page, and click “Install” to get the software. The third is the Dropbox folder that the software installation will create for you.

Once you’ve installed the software the FOLDER is what you’ll interact with on your computer (everything else will be automatic). You simply move the .scriv folder (which is the scrivener project as seen on Windows) to the Dropbox folder, just like any other folder on your computer. There is no uploading (by you) required in this process. The software will notice that the folder has new files in it, and it will begin making copies and uploading those copies to for you. The iOS version will then have access to the project if you put it in the right sub-folder of the Dropbox folder.

Incidentally, if you have two desktop computers, and you install the dropbox software on both, files in the Dropbox folder on both computers will be syncronized to be identical on both computers, but you have to make sure that each computer is connected to the internet, and that you’ve given each computer sufficient time to upload and download all files first.


Glad you got it sorted!