Sync with multiple External Folders?

I just tested the sync option because I am jumping back and forth between projects. Big issue came up. I have over ten projects that I saved the sync folder on a thumb drive. When I tested adding a chapter and then opened each project they synced with wrong projects creating havoc. How do I properly keep multiple draft folders without them syncing with the wrong project?
The issue this stems from is that it only identifies the draft folder nomenclature. I went in and named each folder changing it from draft to the project title. Please help me set this up correctly so I no longer have this issue.

You can’t save different projects to the same folder. The manual says “do not try to sync two different projects with the same folder” on page 365 in the manual. Each project needs its own folder that can’t be confused with any other folder.
There is a clear description of how it works in the manual, section 14.3 atarting on page 364.

Split topic because the original refers to an obsolete version of Scrivener.

As Lunk said, you need a separate external folder for each project.

What are you ultimately trying to do, though? Are you using the thumb drive to transfer projects between instances of Scrivener, or something else?