Sync with Simplenote, random file order?

I was wondering if anyone has experienced or has a solution for the following issue:
When syncing selected files from Scrivener to Simplenote, the order they appear in in Simplenote is completely random, jumbled…
The most recent example:

  • conclusion Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
  • subchapter 1
  • subchapter 2
  • subchapter 3
  • subchapter 4

appears in Simplenote something like:

subchapter 2
conclusion chapter 4
subchapter 4
Chapter 5
subchapter 3
subchapter 1

Am I missing something? Is there a way to clean this up in Simplenote? :question:

push… no idea anyone? how do you work with a file structure in simplenote guys?

Isn’t there a way to sort the list by some other criteria in Simplenote? Even so, it’s not going to completely solve your problem unless you label your binder items in alphabetical order :slight_smile:. This is just how Simplenote is designed to work. It’s meant to be a non-linear keyword-based notepad, and our synchronisation setup is designed to accommodate that as best as possible (using keywords, emphasising small selections instead of bulk exports, etc.). I would imagine those needing a bit more than a remote notepad would use external folder sync with a Dropbox enabled text editor, or Index Card.

Ah… that explains it! Sorry, didn’t occur to me that it works in alphabetical order.
I’ll look into external folder syncing then.

Thanks! :smiley: