Sync works great on some but not all Tables

I was so thankful to see some of the tables I made sync beautifully from Windows Scrivener to iOS on an iphone. However, only some of the tables within files are displaying. The file names are present but their “page” in the app are blank. Keith’s post “Troubleshooting Dropbox and Sync Issues” was a wonderful help but I couldn’t find any hints there as to how to correct this mystery.
Thanks so much for any solutions!
UPDATE: just wanted to clarify that the tables I made were created on the Scrivener Windows software and were part of their Scrivener project. None of the tables were long-from 2-5 rows and 4 columns. Some synced on the iPhone and some didn’t. Thanks so much for any advice!

Ok, one moe :wink:

You could try what’s in here, please, as it seems likely this is not about tables actually, but you can see…


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