Sync "writing history" across devices?

Hello! I write sometimes on my Windows laptop (in Scrivener 3) and sometimes on my iPad (Scrivener iOS). I’d love to be able to sync my words written across all devices and platforms, so that when I check on my main computer, I “get credit” for the words I wrote on my other device.

I know it’s probably super challenging to do that between two different platforms. I’m grateful for the Dropbox sync so I can work on the same file on multiple machines/platforms–but I’d love to get an accurate word count history for the file, rather than just for the device, if that’s possible!

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Are you quite sure Scrivener’s word count is per Device and not per Project? I wouldn’t know why Scrivener doesn’t sync that metadata…

Last time I tried it any writing on my iPad did NOT get accounted for on my Mac as progress on my writing history. Indeed I recall posting about such here at the time.