Synced Panels


I apologize if this has already been answered–I couldn’t find it and it’s probably very simple. Is there a way to keep the two panels of a split screen in sync? So that when I click a document in the outline mode, it appears in the other panel?




  1. make sure you have 2 editor panes open (eg: View> Layout > Split Vertically)
  2. make sure you have the footer showing: View> Layout > Show Footer View

Select the left most editor pane and put it in Outline mode ( + 3)

Then click on the little symbol in the Footer that shows two arrows on top of each other
Sort of like…

If that is highlighted, it should automatically open the selection in the other Editor pane.

Amazingly simple… I knew I had seen that somewhere in the tutorial, but that was a lot of information to remember. Thanks.

If you do and you tweak your outline formats and remove the binder, you can use the editor almost as a extra powerful binder.

I don’t use this all the time, but sometimes set Scriv to this way if I’m in editing rather than writing / researching mode.