Synch improvement

I just ran into it again and it is frustrating, quite frustrating, although the fix would be easy.

Scrivener on my MacBooks has as issue that’s probably the result of not being able to upgrade past 10.7. The result is that I end up with with Scrivener crashing and that project not being able to be opened again on that MacBook. Scrievner seems to interpret that on other machines as an open document.

The result is a royal pain. Scrivener on my iPad become prissy, insisting that something is wrong and that it needs to create two versions. “No, I feel like screaming. This one is the right one. I know that. Let it be the only version.”

We need a Master copy option for these conflicts, one that would allow us to tell Scriverner to ride roughshod over the existing Dropbox copy, making it the master and trashing all else. No more of these vague warnings and vague fixes.

I really do get tired of a UI that assumes I’m too clueless to know how a conflict needs to be resolved. I’ve been dealing with multiple copies on multiple machines for many years. I know how to manage them. All these efforts to protect me only frustrate me.

For these conflicts, give us a master override option. Let us bypass this synching management. Let us say this version is the master version. I’ll be more than happy to live with the consequencies.

So you want it just to delete all your changes? I’m not sure other users would appreciate that…