Synching between Mac desktop and MacBook

I typically work off of a 2015 iMac desktop running Monterey 12.6.3 and a MacBook Air running Ventura 13.2.1. Both computers access cloud files using OneDrive, but I cannot open any of the .scriv files from OneDrive on the MacBook Air. I keep getting the message that the file could not be opened and I should quit and relaunch the application for another try. This results in the same message.

Shouldn’t I be able to access the Scrivener files from two computers?

First make sure that both computers have the latest version of Scrivener, which is 3.2.3.

Then make sure that the MacBook Air is able to create new projects locally.

Then make sure that OneDrive on the MacBook Air is configured to make the entire project(s) available offline.

Thank you. I think that opening a new project on the MacBook did the trick. After that, I was able to open my main project on the MacBook. Everything else was as it should be.

Thanks again!