Synching issues with Mac OS

I am using Scrivener 3.2.3 on two Macs. both are running Monterey. I am going through Dropbox. It seems to be synching on parts of the documents. I can add a new section in the Binder, and text in the editor, but when I synch, I just get the binder change the editor section will be blank. suggestions?

Hello worshiphouse, and welcome to the forum.

There is a known bug caused by some incompatibility between how Dropbox defaults to “online-only” for its storage and how MacOS 12.3 Monterey and newer updates handle files stored with online-only settings.

We have this Knowledge Base article that explains which settings to change in the Dropbox folders and menu bar badges on your Macs to resolve this issue.

I recommend that you start there to ensure that both of your Macs are storing your Scrivener projects locally. That should then help ensure that the syncing between the two works as expected. That should, I hope, resolve this issue.

That seems to have fixed the issue as best I can tell. Thanks

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Help! I keep getting an “application not responding” every time I try to back up the project! This lasts from about an hour to overnight.
I find that when I force quit I have problems reopening the file.
My university recently switched the student cloud accounts from Dropbox to OneDrive. I have started saving the backup to the desktop, which is a bit better, but I still have the same problem.

All the support threads and info seem to be for Dropbox and I never had a problem. I’m sure there’s something about OneDrive I’m not understanding.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Rebecca,

And welcome to the forums!

I don’t have your answer, but let me ask:

  1. Is your Scrivener app located on the OneDrive drive?

  2. Are you using a university supplied/controlled computer? I am trying to figure out why your set up cares what your university is doing with student cloud accounts. If you are operating on your own Mac, your application should be installed on your Mac. And Dropbox is free (within generous limits), so if you were storing your projects on Dropbox for any reason you could keep doing that with a free personal Dropbox account.

P.S. It is not at all clear that you are having a sync issue similar to what the rest of this thread was about. So, posting your problem here at the bottom of this thread probably lowered its visibility to the helpful L&L community!

Hi thanks for the reply.
I’m on my own Mac.
Yes, transferring back to my own Dropbox is an option.
I’m still interested to learn what the deal is with Scrivener and One Drive.

The “deal” is that Dropbox is recommended by Literature and Latte for use with Scrivener, whereas One Drive is not (AFAIK). Go with the flow and use Dropbox.

Don’t put your active project files on a cloud drive unless you have special need to (e.g. you need to access your project files from some other mac). And only /some/ sync services can handle active Scriv project files. (Dropbox is the only actually recommended one to my knowledge.)

If you are putting your active projects on onedrive as a kind of safety, you would be better off making the onedrive the place where your scriv automatic project backups go (with zip option turned on, please), and keeping your active projects located on your mac’s hard drive, not synced out. (Aside: sync services are not really a substitute for a hard drive backup practice, because with sync, when things go wrong, the sync spreads it to your “safety”.)

We haven’t yet settled just what your situation is — all you’ve reported is that your Scriv app is getting hung up — so there is no settled explanation at the moment of what is going on. But here are two general issues that relate to syncing. (Though Scriv could hang up because of a corrupted preferences file or something else unrelated to syncing.)

  1. One thing to know is that cloud sync services differ in how well they handle what are called “bundles”. Your Scriv project files are a special object called a bundle. They appear in MasOS like a single file, but they are really a special kind of folder containing many files. (Applications themselves are also bundles.) Anyway, you can find lots of info on the forum about why some sync service mess up bundles (b/c treating them like ordinary folders), and hence are not good services to use with your active scriv projects. Dropbox handles bundles very well and this is why it is the only sync service the Scrivener folks recommend. I am not sure what the specific standing of onedrive is these days, so my remark here is a general one.

  2. Another recent development that has been bedeviling many people (though I do not know if this is your problem) is that that these cloud services are pushing the idea of literally removing your synced files from your computer entirely and storing them only in the cloud — with the idea of serving your own files back to you on demand. This is something else that works poorly with bundles. Your Scrivener projects cannot function if delivered piecemeal in the way these remote-only sync set ups propose. Some of these cloud services have started removing your files to the cloud by default — you may not even know this is happening. In such cases, you have to actively turn that option off or otherwise exempt your Scriv projects from the feature. Famously, Dropbox started doing this by default even for existing customers.

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