Synching Scrivener between Macs with Folders Synchronizer X

Hi; I just wondered if anyone else is using Folders Synchronizer X, or may have some Mac experience that might help.

I use Scrivener on two Macs - a MacBook and an IMac. Both machines are on a wireless network and I was hoping to use Folders Synchronizer X to easily synch the two.

The synchronization is set so that only files modified ‘today’ are copied and for some reason, it refuses to recognize that a Scrivener project file has been modified. I have tried and failed many times now - I make a change in Scrivener, check the date of the .scriv file and try a synch.

Scrivener files copy fine if I remove the modification date filter, so I have proved that they will copy under some circumstances, and I know that the network is fine.

Obviously, I don’t expect to get specific advice on Folders Synchronizer X here; I’m just wondering if there are some inherent ‘rules’ about project files which might mean they are not recognized in the same way as (for example) Word or text files.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

… problem solved :slight_smile: It was down to the way that the synch application processes sub folders.

If anyone is looking for a simple synching utillity, this one seems to do the job nicely.