Synchronise Ipad with my scrivener Windows Pc using skydrive

Synchronise scrivener with my Windows Pc using skydrive

The purpose is to synchronise and automate as much as possible the synchronization process between scrivener Windows and my ipad.

  1. Synchronize with thé cloud on Pc
    I use à simple backup software like syncbackSE.
    I sélect only rtf containing my texts in thé files/docs directory of my scrivener project.That is the preparation phase which takes longer mapping files like the below
    25.rtf - chapter 2 - my chapter title
    31 .rtf …
    I don’t use the export feature because I loose the card box of the file.
    I synchronize in the cloud either skydrive or Dropbox.

  2. Get from the cloud to the local iPad
    I can use the Dropbox feature where I can open my file into a writing application like textilus or whatever…
    My rtf file is then into iPad word application. But this part is not so fluent. To make it easier, I used a file manager like Cloud commander which drag and drop my file from cloud to local. Then I just have to open it with textilus.

  3. From word application to cloud
    I have to reverse the process. To do so, I open my file with the file manager and then drag it to the cloud.
    With textilus, I can use the Dropbox export and then drag my files to files/docs cloud directory.
    It is not mandatory to get Dropbox with the file manager. I use skydrive from Microsoft.

  4. From cloud to scrivener
    I use again syncbackSE to reverse back the files in the cloud which have changed. Then scrivener is automatically updated with the new text files without side effects.

I used at least only 2 simples softwares
SyncbackSE on my PC as a standard backup soft and a file manager on iPad
The wrong part is the mapping between internal files names of scrivener but I prefer doing so to have a fluent synchronization process.
Using export to Dropbox feature with plaintext or textilus is a cherry on the cake. My process is able to synchronize with skydrive.

Manipulating the files (like the 2.rtf) from within the docs directory can (will) render footnotes, annotations, and some other scrivener features unusable. Also, Scrivener will be unaware of the number of words in each document edited outside itself, so you won’t be able to rely on Project Targets and other statistics outputs.

Spideroak supposedly has an app for Ipads though I’ve only used it on Linux. I use it to sync between my notebook and desktop, for which it works beautifully. I can literally be working on a Scrivener project on my desktop, shut down the program, walk back to my notebook in the bedroom and be able to pick up writing right where I left off…