Synchronising work across iMac and MacBook

Hello, I am looking for a tool to help compose and track moderately complex documents and projects - Scrivener seems to be a well regarded tool for this, but I want to keep my work synchronised across my iMac and my MacBook. I can’t find a reference to this being supported in Scrivener and wonder if it is, and if not, whether there are work arounds. All assistance appreciated. John

Yes, you can use something like Dropbox to help with this. We have some tips for keeping multiple computers up to date. That’s good advice for anything, but it’s a bit more important with Scrivener since it uses a multi-file project format. You can usually ignore that, but when syncing all of those pieces over the ’net, you just have to make sure they all arrive or are fully sent before starting and after finishing work.

Thank you Amber, that’s very helpful and appreciated. Regards John