Synchronization error when scrivener files have comments

comments inserted in the inspector with shift+cmd+*

after deleting comments, in the sync works (Mac Os Ventura 13.0, Scrivener 3.2.3.)

but this is annoying, of course !

As this is not a problem most people see (indeed I have never heard of it before), we will need a lot more information. What does it mean to you to sync? With what company do you contract sync services, or do you make your own system? What is the precise wording of the error? Does it come from Scrivener, or from the operating system, or from the sync client?

Just run through the event, from the start, to the end, and document all of the things that happen as best you can.

Today, after inserting comments in a document, the problem does no longer appear.
To go further, I deleted the same document from the Sync Folder (in pcloud) - the sync happened normally.

I use a french version of Scrivener. I suppose the structure of the menus is the same.

  1. Sync - Fichier - Synchronisation → Avec un dossier externe (File → Synchronize ? → with an extern folder

  2. Configuration : pCloud/Scriven/SYNC/Name_of_project_sync/

  3. pCloud accessed via htpps;//ewebdav/ (given my id and password) - this works okay. Under MacOsx, the virtual pcloud drive uses MacFuse file system.

  4. I had no problem to sync other projects, because (I suppose) the sync’ed file had no active comments.

  5. the wording of the error yesterday included a sentence like “you don’t have right to access…”. It seems I have the right today. As far as I remember, the message came from Scrivener.

I’ll try to reproduce the problem by creating by scrach a new short project, including a file with comments. I’ll report about that as soon as possible.
Thank you

External folder sync is not intended for use between Scrivener instances. It’s for syncing with an external application.

What external application are you using?

What file format are you using for the external folder?

I ignored that.

I use sync to read my poems on my Android smartphone, while I’m not home, where I cannot use Scrivener on my Mac. Thus, I don’t use an external application, except that I open the text, read then, annotate then on my “carnets” (paper). But the sync is not intended to modify then on the fly. That is a job I do from my written notes, at home on my Mac and with Scrivener.

The format of my texts in my syncs is .rtf.

I read then by clicking on the name of the file in my pCloud virtual drive on my smartphone.

Did the original document with the comments also contain styles? There is an odd issue we’re aware of with the external folder sync sometimes freezing during the sync process from Scrivener (though I don’t think I’ve ever seen it involve an error message such as you’re describing) and I’ve run across a case that could be fixed by removal of a comment, having to do with its position after styled text. I wonder if you might have encountered the same thing. In the case I had, removing the style rather than the comment also fixed the problem (and as the style shouldn’t have been there in the first place, that was the easy answer; I realise it wouldn’t always be!).

Sorry for my late reply.
All the 85 files of this project have the same style, that I tailor in AffinityPublisher in order to perform the last step. (Scrivener does the most of the job, in fact !).
I didn’t succeed in reproducing the problem in a test-project, be it with styles, with comments, or both.
Before it was “solved”, the problem (at the time) didn’t happen immediately at start of the synchronization. Three texts were OK before the sync freezed and the message appeared. And those .rtf texts were effectively present (and readable) in the Sync folder. It seems then that in this case the stylesheet was not responsible for the crash.
Anyway, I thank you for the attention youy payed to my problem. It will remain mysterious, hoping just it won’t re-appear.