Synchronization problem between scrivener iOS and MacOS

I was fine syncing files between iPad and Mac using Dropbox. But I switched my iPad and it doesn’t work anymore. It seems to be a Dropbox problem but I don’t know how to fix it. I need some help.

This is a screenshot of the Dropbox folder in the iPad

Hello xenoveva, and welcome to the forum.

I suspect that your new iPad hasn’t had the Scrivener/Dropbox syncing process set up correctly.

This article explains in detail how to set up Dropbox sync properly

I will list the general steps you need to follow here:

  1. In Scrivener for iOS, make sure you are viewing the projects screen (the screen that lists all of the projects and the tutorial), and do not have a project open.
  2. Tap the “sync” icon (the two curved arrows forming a circle) in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Link Dropbox” in the menu that appears.
  4. If you have the Dropbox app installed on your iOS device, it will now be opened and you will be asked to grant Scrivener access to your Dropbox account. If you don’t have Dropbox installed, a sign-in form will appear inside Scrivener. Either way, follow the in-app instructions and give Scrivener permission to access Dropbox.
  5. Once Scrivener has been allowed access to Dropbox, a “Dropbox Settings” panel will appear, asking you to choose a Dropbox folder. By default, the sync folder is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener, however you can select another folder if it already contains your projects from your computer.
  6. Scrivener is now linked with that folder location in Dropbox.
  7. Next, please create a new, test project on your iOS device and have it sync that project to Dropbox. This test project will prompt Dropbox to create the Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder and confirm that the syncing process is working as expected.
  8. On your computer, please use a Finder window (Mac) or File Explorer window (Windows) to open your Dropbox folder on your computer. You will need to use Finder/File Explorer to move any Scrivener projects that you plan to sync between your computer and your iOS device into that shared Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder. If you have not yet installed the Dropbox desktop application on your computer, you will need to do this first and then log into your account from that application.

Please note: If you are using a Windows PC, you must move the entire .scriv folder and not just the internal index’s .scrivx file.

The you have installed on the iPad is a completely separate thing (you don’t even need to have it installed), however you might be right that something went wrong with Dropbox generally—just the part that is embedded in Scrivener.

I’d start with tapping on Settings from your home screen, and scrolling down to Scrivener in its sidebar. Within Scrivener’s settings, navigate into the “Reset Scrivener” section, and enable the Clear Dropbox Sync Cache setting.

In order for resets to take effect the software needs to fully restarted. So from the multitasking screen, swipe Scrivener’s thumbnail up to force it to close. The next sync will take a bit longer as it has to rebuild this cache, which is what helps it work faster in normal usage.

thank you for your reply but it is the installation process I followed and it does not work for me.

Great. It’s working now. Thanks.

Great! Glad it was a simple fix.