Synchronize Current & Other Editors

My project includes 500+ text files, each of which describes the contents of a related PNG image (actually, screen shots of PHP methods). I am using Scrivener to write the descriptions and would like each text page viewed in the Current editor to automatically synchonize with it’s related image, displayed in the Other editor. Is that possible with the current release (1.9.0)? If not, is it planned for the future?

This isn’t possible (nor planned for), but you might find a suitable way of working using the References feature, which was designed for just this sort of thing. If you have auxiliary documents that support the text file, such as screenshots, you can drop the files into the References list in the Inspector sidebar, and later on double-click on the icons to load those references in the opposing split. Each item in the Binder can have its own list of References. For example:

  1. Click the blue ‘i’ icon to reveal the Inspector (Shift-Ctrl-I)
  2. Click on the stack of books tab at the top of the Inspector.
  3. From the Binder, drag the image screenshot into the blank References list.
  4. Try double-clicking its icon (you can also double-click the text to change the description).

This forum is a great place to learn about all the possibilities in Scrivener. I haven’t used references, so that sounds interesting. My first thought was to place a Scrivener link to the respective image at the beginning of the text of each description. You could simply link it to the title of the description, for instance. It’d still require a click on the link to load the image in the other editor.

Yes, a Scrivener link could work as well. You could put it in the Document Notes sidebar (also in the Inspector). That will work just as well as in the main editor, but without cluttering your content up with links. A trick with that, if you don’t know, you can hold down Alt before clicking and dragging an item into a text editor, to make a link out of something, instead of dropping the image into the text.

Speaking of which, for some things you might be able to put reference images in the Document Notes itself, maybe if you drag it out a bit wider. I’ve used the notes field to stash pictures of things I need to reference—menu screenshots, for example, while I write about the menu.