Synchronize split screens?

My situation: I have chapters in the binder. I have research for each chapter in the research section of the binder.

I am making a vertical split screen with the chapter where I write on the left and the corresponding research to the right.

The problem is, it is a nuisance to highlight the proper right and left hand file. I would like to synchronize the chapter and corresponding research file. Is there any way to pull up the chapter and automatically have the research pane appear at the same time?

I have tried putting the chapter and it’s research file in a Collection, but that creates another set of problems.

Is there a way to see both the chapter and its research side-by-side in tandem without fuss?

Hello there,
Menu / Editor / Scrivener link is what you could use. So when you have a split screen and load a document (chapter) use a link and it will open the linked research in the other editor pane (although I don’t believe you can make a link directly on the chapter name text. It would be placed in the documents.)

Hey broadsides, you know how your mind gets in a rut and you seek a solution in a certain way? That’s what I was doing trying to sync two files with Collections, Lock in Place and other methods.

But you offered an easy solution that meets my needs. I have linked the chapter title with the corresponding research file. Click on the chapter link and my research appears in the right split frame. Perfect.

Thanks for thinking outside the box. I’m very happy with this simple solution that didn’t enter my thinking.