Synchronize with an external folder


For a long time I was wondering how to use and Devonthink and Scrivener both.

I’ve discovered this method, which seems very easy to use, and enough for what I would like to do.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well. In this example, my folder “Author X” contains some .doc and pdf files. All are visible in Scrivener of course, but after I’ve synchronized with an external folder named “Synchronization”, the Notes’ sub-folder contains only the .doc files, and there is no pdf.

Does this method wrong with Scrivener 2.8.1, or is there some other thing that could be explain that?
And of course, the idea behind is to be able to use Devonthink with Scrivener in a easy way (your advices are welcome).

Nobody inspired by the question? :frowning:

And no other way suggested to synchronize Scrivener and Devonthink’s files :bulb:

It seems your concern is that PDF files are not being synced. If that is not correct, could you please clarify.

I don’t have Devonthink, nor do I have Mac Scrivener–I’m on Windows–but I do have access to the Mac Scrivener manual.

Have you read Section 13.2 Synchronized folders?

I might have missed it, but I don’t see anything in the manual that says PDF files are supported by Sync folders.

Do you?


Sorry, the Sync with External Folder feature only works with text files.

My solution to the problem is to just run both programs at once. Research lives in DevonThink Pro. Notes and drafts live in Scrivener. Abbreviated reference information (Smith2017) links one to the other.


That’s true (from the user manual which I haven’t read before…sorry)


sorry, but that isn’t clear for me.

Each file in Devonthink Pro has an alias, which is usually something like “Smith2017.” Whenever that file is referenced in Scrivener, I use the alias to tell me what the original source for the material is. I could use Scrivener’s Reference features to include links to the actual file, but this method is faster on the front end (when I’m creating the reference) and only slightly slower on the back end (when I need to place a citation or web link in the final draft).



Do you mean, each file has an alias which you choose and include in the group/file name? “Scrivener 3 Goodies (Blount2017)”

Or are you using the Get Info aliases feature somehow? I’ve experimented with the latter but never really found enough of a use for it for the experiment to last long – I hadn’t thought of using it for the short reference code. It seems obvious now…

This. Assigning aliases in the file Info in DevonThink Pro. Fully as searchable as any other metadata, and you can enable an Aliases column in the DevonThink Pro item listing.


A neat trick – thanks!