Synchronize with Evernote

Synchronization with Evernote

In lieu of Scrivener on iOS, I wish Scrivener would be able to synchronize with Evernote.

The advantages of Evernote for writing chapters of your book are:

  1. You can write and access your chapters anywhere on Evernote:

    • On any browser
    • On your iPhone or other smartphone
    • On your iPad or other tablet
    • On your Mac or Windows PC.

Everything synchronizes instantly. Evernote solves a lot of synchronization problems when writing on different platforms.

  1. You can organize sections of a book using a whole Evernote account and you can have multiple Evernote accounts for different books.

Evernote has two layers of organization: notebooks which contain notes. Each notebook can be used for a section of a book. And each note can be used for each chapter of the book.

It would be fantastic if Scrivener can import Evernote notes - just like DEVONTHink does.

It would be more fabulous if Scrivener can synchronize a folder of notes with Evernote!

Yes yes yes! I +1 this request so hard. :mrgreen:

I’ve been a Mac user for more than 25 years and first started using Scrivener in beta for NaNoWriMo a decade ago. I also use a Samsung tablet, an Android phone and a Kindle Fire. Evernote runs on all four of my devices and syncs beautifully between them. If I could auto-sync my Scrivener projects to my devices and have the latest version of a scene to work on whenever I’m stuck waiting for an appointment, for a movie to start, or just when I get that great dialogue idea while standing in line somewhere, I would be in writer heaven. :smiley:

I love and rely on Scrivener, but easy sync capability to my light-and-portable Android devices is becoming more crucial and may at some point trump Scriv’s fantastic features for me. I’m loathe to give up Scrivener and the work flow Scrivener provides, so I’d love to be able to auto-sync files and access them on any device through Evernote. Thanks for listening, Keith!

Although I think we could definitely look at adding the ability to import Evernote notes (I’ve looked at the API and that doesn’t seem too hard), there would be no good way of syncing Scrivener files with Evernote. Scrivener documents contain much more formatting than is supported by Evernote’s superset of HTML (ENML) - so you could end up losing footnotes, annotations, comments, Scrivener links and other formatting, not to mention the styles information that is being introduced in the next major iteration of Scrivener. There’s just no good way to sync between Scrivener text files and HTML without losing data or formatting. (And obviously we can’t build a sync feature around the notion that some users might not be bothered about the formatting or data that would be lost, when many more would be.) Auto-sync just would not be a good fit between Scrivener and Evernote.

Perhaps something more manual might work - some way of accessing Evernote notes in Scrivener and uploading and downloading notes to and from Evernote - but I’m not sure that will scratch the necessary itch.

(Obviously users should use the tools that work best for them, so if working on an Android platform is more important to your workflow than the features provided by Scrivener, you should of course ditch Scrivener for whatever programs you prefer on Android.)

All the best,

Thanks for weighing in, Keith. It’s helpful to know that autosyncing Scrivener and Evernote would be too technically difficult without enough gain to be worthwhile.

I considered syncing Scriv with Simplenote, but I worry about the acknowledged loss of formatting within changed paragraphs when the notes are re-synced to Scrivener. (I am assuming that is a 100% unfixable issue, right?) I use italics at times in my writing, and making sure each italicized word or phrase is corrected by hand every time I re-sync is more than I want to risk.

Actually, I’ve realized that a web-based Scrivener accessible to mobile devices, even with simplified features, would check off every fiction-writing need I have. I looked into web alternatives but none now comes close to Scrivener, and their mobile interfaces felt awkward at best. Any possibility Scriv might shift to a web-based platform down the road? :slight_smile: