Synchronized Layouts?

I’ll do my best to articulate my question, so forgive me my newbie status…

Is it possible to select a layout preference (Binder / Composite / Cork Board / Comments & Footnotes) and have the contents of each automatically populate according to whatever I select in the Binder?

As it is, I have to manually select and it’s rather confusing.

Thank you!

I think it would be more confusing if clicking on anything in the binder had the potential to radically change the layout of the window (including hiding the binder!) but perhaps I’m not following what you meant. Something that might help you out though is the layouts feature. In the View/Layout menu, you can show layouts and in there you can save your current window setup to a named layout. Using this panel you can quickly flip between different workflow styles. Pretty much everything you can to set up the appearance of a project can be saved here, even all the way down to index card sizes and which columns are visible in the outliner.

Thank you for that :slight_smile:

I’ve been exploring and will check out your suggestion. I read too that I was able to link windows and that has helped tremendously.

There are so many amazing features in this program and the advantages to organizing and compiling are so comprehensive that I’ve decided to adapt to it and alter my processed. No need to reinvent the wheel, yes?

Thanks again!

You’re welcome! And do note you can add the Layouts button to your toolbar as a custom option. That will give you quick access to any layouts you’ve saved. If you click it once it brings up the window. If you click and hold it will pop up a quick-access menu. They will also remember full screen status, if you are using Lion, making for an easy way to flip to a full screen workspace. I like that for my “big corkboard” layout, which has everything hidden except for a mammoth corkboard view. No headers or footers or toolbars or a binder. And 100% of the pixels on the screen for pushing cards around. :slight_smile: