Synchronized scrolling between two documents

Hello, I enjoy Scrivener more and more every day I use it. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of editing in split window view, that is, with two different documents open with a vertically split layout. In many cases, the two documents are simply slightly different versions of each other. To make comparisons between them easier, would it be possible to synchronize scrolling, so that when I scroll up and down in one document pane, the other follows along in lock-step? BBEdit has a feature like this which I have found to be very useful. Thanks for all you work on a wonderful program.


The trouble with this is that if they are different documents Scrivener would have to try to search for similar text in order to match the scrolling… And if the text has been moved around, the scrolling would jump about. But the main problem is the degree of intelligence Scrivener would require in order to be able to match up text so that the scrolling made sense, if you see what I mean.

Thanks for the suggestion and all the best,

Thanks for your quick response!

Well, as I envision it, it would be not about matching the actual text in the two documents, but simply about having the scrolling of one document be mirrored in the other. No intelligence necessary. For example, if one document were much longer than the other, scrolling to the end of the shorter one would only scroll the longer document the same distance. (Or perhaps “proportional” scrolling would be an option?) Alternately, having “aligned” two documents to wherever I wanted or needed each one to be scrolled to, I could then invoke synchronization so that as I worked in one document, the other would scroll along with it.

Nisus Writer Classic had a feature like this and it was very useful. It does not seem to have survived into the current Pro version.