Synchronizing files

Hello. I am currently using the trial download of Scrivener, and it is very impressive. (Although, I love specialty apps, and while I can see that having an outliner and a research bin may be appealing to some, for me, it’s a bit much since I use DevonThink and OmniOutliner.)

Any way, my question is this: If I have two licensed versions of Scrivener (for laptop and desktop machines), can I synchronize my files between the two so that I always have all of my files regardless of where I’m working?

If yes, what is the best way to sync? .Mac? Retrospect, or other 3-party app? Scrivner itself have a sync utility I’m not aware of?

Thanks for the help.


I’ve been using the backup feature for the same purpose. It works great so long as only one person is working on the file :slight_smile:

For transfer I have been using scp, though if I ever stop being lazy I will get rsnyc going. That is the command-line junkie way though; really anything will work. If you have .Mac, use .Mac.

ChronoSync is a wonderful app that does exactly this. I use it every day to back up my Documents folder to a pen drive that I keep with me at all times.

Go to:

It’s quite cheap, updated frequently, and support is good.


I use Interarchy’s Net Disk feature for this. I have Interarchy open on each of my computers when I login and it automounts a folder from a remote ftp site. The contents of that folder are automatically synched between the desktop and the remote site by Interarchy . I then simply save all my current working documents to that folder. In addition to being an easy synch it also provides a level of backup.

Erwin Dink

While I don’t have any answer to your other question off-the-bat that is better than that others have provided, I would just like to stress that you do not need to buy more than one licence of Scrivener in this case. Do make sure you check out the licence agreement, which stresses that you are allowed to install multiple copies of Scrivener for your own use. So you don’t have to pay more than once to install it on all of your computers. Even if you have 10 computers, you are welcome to install Scrivener on all from one licence, provided they are all your computers - or your family’s (under the same roof).

I don’t want you to pay twice when you don’t need to!


Oops, it seems my girlfriend/partner (we have a better word in French:“conjointe” since Quebecers don’t believe in marriage :wink:) didn’t need to buy her own license. I knew there was a reason to read those agreements. :slight_smile: But that’s OK. She wanted to pay for Scrivener and loves it, btw.