Synchronizing Folders

Is there a way to synchronize a folder in ‘research’ with a folder in Finder? After dragging / importing the folder into Scrivener I would like Scrivener to reflect changes I made outside of Scrivener (adding or deleting PDFs, etc.).

I fear the answer is no, but wonder if there is a work around.

No, items placed into a project are imported into that project, making the entirety of your research and draft a portable unit that can be moved from computer to computer. If you need extensive relationships drawn with existing files on the system I suggest using references. If they pertain to a specific document you can attach them to that document, otherwise references can be attached at the project level. Double-clicking on them in the list will open them in Finder. Note if you do this and then work on your project on a different computer, you will temporarily lose access to all of your externally referenced files while on the other machine.