synchronizing outline and editor in split screen mode

Say I split the screen between outline and editor. With focus on a document in the Outliner panel, I can show and edit the corresponding document on the Editor panel using Ctrl-Shift/Alt-Return.

Instead of having to issue the command each time I change focus to another document in the Outliner panel, is there a way to automatically show the document in the Editor panel (the way it works with the Binder using “Binder Affects”)?

It seems that would be a quick way to sketch the document content (or import text into it) while growing the outline in parallel.

Aye, if you click the double arrow button in the footer of the editor showing the outliner, that will link the editors so that clicking a document in the outliner will load it in the other split.

Great, thanks. I was looking in the menus and couldn’t find such a command.