synchronizing search strings???


I responded to the Scrivener update today. I think I updated properly.

Tonight the round circle rainbow thingy kept cicrcling and for the first time I had to force quite Scrivener. It seemed so disrespectful… Dang it. Anyway then I tried to open the project I had been working on and the window that appeared read you need to synchronize the search strings and this might take decades (slight exaggeration)…anyway this happened twice and has made me a wee bit nervous. I lost my job which is not helping my level of peacefulness and is not related to synchronizing search strings, although it possibly could be.

Any thoughts?

Also the tutorial window keeps showing up and doesn’t seem to wish to leave the foreground.

I love Scrivener and am slowly finding my way to the many miracles it offers. I don’t want anything ghastly to happen.

Thank you


If it crashes again, could you please send me the crash report? This synchronise search string thing happens if the project isn’t closed properly - which will the case if there is a crash. So if there is a crash again, please let me know as much as you can about what happened leading up to it (including the crash report) so that I can look into fixing it.

As for the tutorial staying in the foreground, check the Window menu and see if “Float Window” is checked. This forces a window to stay in the foreground. If it is checked, just select it again to uncheck it.

All the best,


I think I may have figured out how to solve part of the problem.

Thank you.