Syncing between iPad & Desktop

Before I left for a trip, I forgot to sync my most recent project on my desktop to my iPad, which has a lot of new content.

On the trip, I did more writing on a new project file I created (just to be safe) for the same project on my desktop. However, I also did make some changes to the non-updated project file that I use on my desktop. (Hope that’s not too confusing).

So, I want to sync my ipad now to my desktop, but I don’t want my ipad file to overwrite all the new content on my desktop version. In short…

Desktop project: New content, not synced.
iPad: A separate project file with new content plus edits on the unsynced Desktop project file.

If I sync both iPad files now, will it completely overwrite what’s on my Desktop project file?

Looking for the best solution. Would love your feedback. Thanks!

Best solution: take a backup of the desktop version before syncing.

Scrivener should detect the conflict, notify you, and give you a chance to resolve it. But a backup protects you in case that doesn’t go smoothly.


Awesome! Thank you Katherine!