Syncing between Mac and Scrivener for iOS BEFORE having Scrivener for iOS

I saw in another thread you used aliases. I have always assumed they’re not the same thing, but I’m ignorant of the differences. I knew about aliases, as there’s a menu entry to create them; I only learnt that there were things called ‘symbolic links’ through these forums.

Yep, that’s right. On my MBP the Dropbox folder contains the project, not a link.

It works for me. But, as I said, I’m still waiting to see what happens when Shirley edits one of the projects.


Thanks for confirming my speculation. And thanks for posting this solution; I had been too lazy to test the idea, and didn’t want to risk making a mess of my projects while testing the iOS app, but now I’m confident that your solution is a viable one.

BTW, I’m also confident, given your experience and my limited understanding of modern OS file systems, that when Shirley edits the Cubby copy of your project, the changes will show up in Dropbox. Keep me posted!