Syncing between two Macs

Yes I’ve searched the forum. There are plenty posts on this, but nithing seems to work nicely. I don’t get any of my syncing “things” to work. Some way to easy the burden of syncing would be very, very nice. I don’t build programs myself and know little of the details. But here’s to hoping, anyway. I do understand that there is HUGE differences, but I do like the way OmniFocus stay in sync on my two Macs and my iPhone. I can’t think of any reason to sync SCRIV with my phone, though. I love SCRV and use it all the time for most of my writing. But having to copy and move projects between Macs and rememeber where everything and the last is, is a hassle.

Hi Steastu, just thought I’d give you at least one reply …

You’ve read the threads, so you know the problems. My guess is that probably the safest way would be to have the two Macs connected through a wired ethernet network and when you’ve finished working on one, use “Back-up to …” to a location on the internal drive of the other Mac. If you use the same location each time it’d be easy to find, since the date and time marking tells you which is the latest version. Zipped would be even safer.

I worked for a long time with the live file on DropBox and my autosave time lengthened to 60 seconds of inactivity. It works but there are risks, and it is essential that only you are using Scrivener on the two computers and that no-one else has access to the online DropBox … Even so, I’ve given up that practice and only put backups on there. iDisk is even more risky in my experience.

But it’s all there in the various threads. It’s up to you to balance out the convenience you seek against the risks of losing data.