Syncing - Dropbox folder

I have just written new text in the iPad version of my Scrivener file and synced the file for the first time via dropbox. I have now opened the same file from dropbox on my iMac but none of my changes are visible. Tried several times - nothing happens on my iMac. I am now seriously worried about corruption so will probably not use my iPad version again…

The iOS version of Scrivener allows you to assign exactly one synchronization folder. By default, this will be Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. This folder and all subfolders will be synchronized to the device.


My OSX version of Scrivener run on an iMac will only sync one way - from iMac to iPad. Not the other way. Is there a simple way out of this. Should I re-install my iPad version (is it possible to do this without paying again?)

Also, will the syncing work using Google Backup and Sync (Google Drive)?

I am using one synchronisation folder as specified.

No, iOS sync requires DropBox.

Could you please upload the following snapshots:

  1. The folder in Mac where you keep your Scrivener projects, so we can see complete DropBox path.
  2. The iOS Scrivener Projects screen. This will show us which of your iOS projects are syncing with DropBox.
  3. The Dropbox Settings screen from iOS Scrivener settings. This will show us where iOS Scrivener syncs to in DropBox.

The above will hopefully tell us enough to solve this.

What version of Mac Scrivener do you have?


Scrivener version is 2.7

That’s the problem. You need to upgrade to the latest version, 2.8.1.

iOS Scrivener puts its changes in a separate “Mobile” folder to facilitate conflict resolution. Mac Scrivener looks in this folder and incorporates the changes into the main body of the project. Except Scrivener 2.7 doesn’t know this folder exists and therefore doesn’t look for it.


Thanks, could you confirm that this version of Scrivener will work with IOS 10.7.5?

Scrivener itself will work fine. However, the most current version of the eSellerate registration framework that Scrivener uses does not support OS X 10.7. So you might have a problem if you run into activation issues that require upgrading the framework. (I’m sorry to be so vague: some users have reported issues, some have not.)

I’m not sure about the status of Apple App Store support for OS X 10.7. But if you’re able to download the application via the App Store at all, it will work. (The App Store version doesn’t use the eSellerate activation framework.)