Syncing dropbox with Mac and IOS


I have the IOS version and want to purchase the MAC version. I synced my files from scrivener (MAC) to dropbox. I can see the files in dropbox on my iPad; however, I cannot get them in scrivener IOS. I can get files that I have synced via IOS from dropbox, but not the files that I synced from the MAC and vice versa. Can anyone help. Thanks.

Hello yogicat, and welcome to the forum.

I recommend following the steps outlined on our Knowledge Base article for syncing via Dropbox.

Based on what you’re reporting here, I think your Dropbox may have two different folders created, which is causing the issue. You’ll need the iPad version of Scrivener to create the folder you’re using for syncing and send a test project to Dropbox first.

Then, you can move the projects from your Mac into that folder, which should allow the iPad to access them.

I also recommend adding the manual iOS backups process to your writing habits when working with Scrivener on a mobile device.

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WHERE in Dropbox did you put the project? The default for iOS Scrivener is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener. If you have one or more projects you can open in iOS Scrivener, and you haven’t overridden the default, look for them in that location on the Mac.

Seems like you need to look into the DB-blessed folder on your Mac, see where the scriv projects that are syncing with ios are located (as per hint from drmajbob). Evidently, you did not drop your mac-based scriv projects into that same folder, so they are in some other subfolder nearby. Seems like you just need to move those projs into the place where the ios-happy ones are.

You were right. I did create another folder. Thanks for your help. I have also done the backup. Have a great weekend.

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